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mutual trust

Since the firm's January, 1996 inception, Articulate Consultants has earned the trust of a range of people. From the founders of new small businesses to the marketing directors of well-known corporations, full trust becomes the foundation upon which good process can yield good results. From individuals aiming to build and maintain their clientele while operating professional practices under the umbrella of larger firms to project teams who want an outside expert to guide them through critical decisions so that their projects may fulfil not-yet-known potential, mutual trust has proven fundamental to rewarding business relationships.

collaborative synergy

Within trust-based business relationships, Articulate Consultants has had the privilege of forming working partnerships with clients and associates to achieve specific objectives. These typically involve working with sensitive information aiming to accomplish previously-elusive outcomes. Effective collaboration with bright minds in clear communication can achieve not only intended results but also other benefits, as related opportunities arise while work progresses.

deliverables tangible and intangible

A list of services rendered and deliverables provided appears below; a sample at each hyperlink. While client confidentiality remains sacrosanct, each example here represents an interesting story. Many interesting stories have unfolded since the firm's 1996 inception. Some deliverables represent more than meets the eye or ear.

for consulting firms

  • creating logos
  • technical writing
  • editing proposals
  • creating brochures PDF
  • writing news releases
  • producing newsletters PDF
  • planning for trade shows
  • upgrading website content
  • producing direct-mail cards
  • communication skills training
  • consulting on market research
  • producing trade show materials
  • consulting on and planning public events
  • scripting and directing online promo videos
  • consulting on writing effective proposals efficiently
  • consulting on client raltions and marketing strategy
  • conuslting on a sales process that bypasses writing proposals
  • consulting on search-engine optimization + custom content development

for investment advisors

  • writing business letters
  • producing direct-mail cards PDF
  • editing & proofing web pages
  • consulting on market research
  • producing custom newsletters PDF
  • consulting on marketing strategy
  • consulting on business development
  • consulting on and planning client events
  • training: How to Build Great Business Relationships in Three Simple Steps

for retail merchants

for producers of consumer goods & services

for credit unions

  • technical writing
  • creating print ads PDF
  • producing newsletters PDFproducing annual reports
  • scripting radio and TV ads
  • writing internal communications
  • consulting on market intelligence
  • consulting on marketing strategy JPG
  • consulting on brand development
  • consulting on and planning public events
  • coaching groups on client relationship management
  • training: How to Build Great Business Relationships in Three Simple Steps

for local and provincial governments

See also the case studies here.

In the field of strategic marketing communications, Articulate Consultants are key-message specialists. Articulate Consultants happily accept new clients with marketing and other communications challenges in Canada and the USA.

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