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Problems Articulate Solves

the Articulate Team: consultants

What Makes Articulate Unique: Benefits to Associates

Ideal Client Profile: Business

Ideal Client Profile: Government

Ideal Client Profile: Non-profit

A Consultant Is As A Consultant Does (part one)  (YouTube video in new window)

A Consultant Is As A Consultant Does (part two): Why  (YouTube video in new window)


Articulate Consultants Articles


The Articulate Consultants Overview of Key Messages

Three Reasons Why Independent Businesses Need Authentic Key Messages To Succeed

Key Message Blunders Part 1: Presumptuous Use of Your

Key Message Blunders Part 2: Over-promising

Key Message Blunders Part 3: Promoting Features That Do Not Provide Compelling Benefits

Key Messages Blunders Part 4: Getting It Wrong

Marketing Tip: Avoid Direct Competition


Authenticity Rules: A Reality Check for Creative Advertisers

Authenticity Rules: What Problem Do You Solve?

Loyalty Without Bribery

Social Media for Small Business: 52 Points Toward An Informed Decision

How to Increase Cost-effectiveness in Small Business Marketing

What is a brand? Why should I care?  (YouTube video in new window)

The Law of Focus: How to Avoid Direct Competition (part 1 of 3) (YouTube video in new window)

The Law of Focus: How to Avoid Direct Competition (part 2 of 3) (YouTube video in new window)

The Law of Focus: How to Avoid Direct Competition (part 3 of 3) (YouTube video in new window)


Newsletter Pain or Pleasure?

Do Not Write Your Own Newsletter. We Already Know You’re The Experts.

Why Most Newsletters Don't Work part 1: Success and How to Monitor It

Why Most Newsletters Don't Work part 2: For Effective Newsletter Content, Get Real


How To Make Networking Boost Your Sales Success

What Makes A Compelling Elevator Speech: Escaping or Avoiding Pain

In A Compelling Elevator Speech, Say Why People Buy from You

A Compelling Elevator Speech: The Real Thing Happened to Me

The Elevator Speech That You Whisper

Use A Compelling Elevator Speech to Hook New Prospects


Questioning the Billable Hour: Seven Industries

The Carpenter’s Invoice: A Parable about Pricing

The Sketch Artist: A Parable about Pricing

Take a Hike, Or At least Go for A Walk

In Financial Services, You Can Smile Harder and Give Away Gifts, but Loyalty is Heartfelt


Words Matter

A Wordsmith's Manifesto Part 1: Aiming for Claritas

A Wordsmith's Manifesto Part 2: “I couldn’t have said it better myself!”

A Wordsmith's Manifesto Part 3: Craft versus Content

The Whole Picture: “The future of the book is the blurb”

Writing as You Speak: Writer’s Boon, Reader’s Bane

How to Distinguish A Conscientious Editor from An Insensitive Butcher

Nine Reasons to Pay A Pro Editor to Review Documents for Publication


Case Study

Newsletter-based Referral Program for Personal Injury Law Firm

Established in your field but new to self-employment?

Shopper Experience Improved and Costs Cut for Grocery Retailer


Joe's Hotdogs

Videos for Joe's Hotdogs by Glenn R Harrington

Listen to Joe's Hotdogs as told by Glenn R Harrington

Transcript to Joe's Hotdogs by Glenn R Harrington

The Joe's Hotdogs blog  (external web log in new window)


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