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Ideal Client Profile: Government


size of project

  • big enough to spend $5k or more on Articulate’s services
  • important enough to complete with key roles held by the same client personnel throughout


location of office

  • Canada – anywhere with phone and internet service
  • USA – anywhere with phone and internet service


nature of project

  • requiring expertise and/or perspectives that Articulate can provide as a specialist resource:
    • editorial work: technical writing, editing, proofing
    • concept development/articulation
    • research/interviewing
    • project management/leadership
    • complementary work such as design & layout, illustration



  • a decision maker who has the prerogative to exercise his or her own judgment when appropriate
  • somebody who knows what’s in it for him/her for the project to succeed
  • receptive and willing to heed the input or follow the guidance or trust the judgment of an expert
  • receptive and willing to discuss important matters as necessary
  • receptive and willing to designate a contact person to facilitate a consultant’s access to information and decisions
  • reliable to keep an agreement
  • pays promptly



Note: This is a profile of the ideal client, like the bullseye at the center of a target. Articulate Consultants will consider dealing with people of other descriptions, or other areas of the same target.

- Glenn R Harrington, Articulate Consultants Inc.


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