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Articulate Project Management

Get the right things done well, on time, cost-effectively.

focus on the true target

Every marketing communications project must start with a vision: a challenging objective to achieve. Fulfilment of that vision gauges project success.

begin when ready

Some Articulate clients need a visionary project manager to provide that vision or to help in bringing an emerging vision to maturity. Others need Articulate's project manager to align with, adopt, and fulfil a provided vision. How ready is the project you have in mind to be brought into the world?

collaborate cleverly

In marketing communications and brand management, a good idea can be a wonderful thing. Yet, executing any idea to fulfil its potential can be frustrating and costly. This is why an expert project manager who starts and finishes with a clear purpose and who constantly, collaboratively aims both for efficiency and for opportunities to add value can become an invaluable ally.

expert orchestration essential

Ideally, the most appropriate party performs each task using the most appropriate tools. Since 1996, Articulate principal consultant Glenn R Harrington has demonstrated the ability to select and to direct appropriate resources to orchestrate the success of many a project.

quality assurance integral

Articulate project management always includes built-in quality assurance measures to achieve and maintain dependable effectiveness and efficiency.

on-going value-add assured

Moreover, while Articulate client-personnel participate as appropriate in project execution, client decision-makers remain in the loop for involvement in opportunities not only to add value, but to maximize value.

impromptu value-maximizing possible

At every step, eyes remain open for opportunities to improve outcomes. While projects are underway, Articulate recommendations executed well can provide good value. Such recommendations executed under Articulate direction: even more so. What happens in each moment must not be limited by rigid-pre-planning. Articulate encourages and embraces beneficial a-ha moments always.

in practice...

Project management activities and accomplishments typically include:

  • selecting project teams that comprise client personnel, Articulate staff and associates, and first-rate suppliers
  • coordinating activities with good budget management, synchronized timing, and desired step-by-step outcomes
  • monitoring project work proactively to optimize timing, to act on opportunities to maximize value, and to secure good return on investment
  • reporting to client contacts as and when appropriate to ensure that the process and the outcomes reflect client objectives and avert unwanted surprises.

always accountable

Involved appropriately from before project work begins, Articulate clients retain executive decision-making power.

take advantage

Since 1996, Articulate Consultants has proven to be a dependable provider of expert project management for message-focused and results-focused marketing-communications projects. Good outcomes follow from successful project completion.

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