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Where an authentic, compelling key message stands out and shines.


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What is a brand? Why should I care?

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if you're in business, then you have a brand

Whether you have served many thousands of clients over many years or you have just served a few customers a few times, you have a brand. If anybody tells you that they can create a new brand for you, then pay no heed. Your brand goes deeper than your company logo, wordmark, and colours (visual identity) wherever they appear.

A brand: A simple, distinct impression in the mind that lasts.

brand varies from person to person; time to time

Effective brand management requires both authenticity and focus on a moving target: market perception. As customers, suppliers, and staff form experiences and develop expectations of an organization, they gauge its key messages as weak or strong, compelling or forgettable.

true key messages instrumental

When the market's experience of a brand is inconsistent or out of sync with expectations, then a wholistic new focus on authentic, meaningful key messages can realign marketing and brand management toward success.

what makes your company irreplaceable

From well-established companies to new sole proprietors, those prepared to learn and to monitor the answers to these questions can manage their brands effectively:

  • How strong is your market's awareness of you?

  • What are you best known for among your clients?

  • Why do customers, suppliers, and staff like and trust you?

  • How often do people refer others to you as a way to assist them?

  • To what extent does your core value proposition differentiate you from competitors?

purposeful stewardship required

Effective brand management is the purposeful stewardship of market perception. It follows from understanding the answers to these questions. It depends on simple, distinct, authentic key messages.

Once a company recognizes its brand as it is, that company can:

  • claim its truth
  • express it with candor
  • develop its strength purposefully.

make the right promise to the right people

Articulate Consultants help to discover how people (clients, staff, and suppliers of the past, present, and future) perceive a company. Then, Articulate Consultants can distil and articulate key messages that authentically reflect and influence the thoughts and feelings of the people that company deals with and could deal with.

After all, a brand promise that you fulfil reliably is the core of effective brand management and successful marketing. Getting this right can render a new logo and colour scheme superficial and unnecessary.

always keep your brand's promise

Integrated marketing and brand management wholistically aim to ensure an appropriate, consistent experience of the brand at every touch point. This is fundamental.

take advantage soon

For people who seek the help of an experienced consultant for expert guidance through a proven process, Articulate Consultants offers strategic brand consulting focusing on the essence of organizational identity, mission, and market perception.

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