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Custom wordcraft for clear, simple understanding.

Since 1996, Articulate’s best clients for wordcraft have understood that liking one’s own writing or having staff and peers applaud it does not guarantee a beneficial reading experience for target readers.

They typically accept that simple persuasion and useful instruction require basic English in straightforward presentation. Yet, they also see wisdom in entrusting an expert wordsmith with its creation.

keystrokes like archery

To articulate a simple message effectively requires sharp focus and respect for subtlety. It also follows a fundamental understanding of basic matters such as these questions raise:

   Q: Is the objective to prompt a specific response or to inform correct action?

   Q: If content is king, then how much content is good for business; how often?

    Q: When a key message goes misunderstood, what opportunities could be lost?  

get understood

Most people today encounter much more information communicated to them than people did in any prior era. Because of this, people aiming to achieve more through their marketing communications must strategically consider:

  • what to say
  • how to say it
  • who to say it to
  • by what channels
  • how often overall and for each channel.

All that and more. We understand.

    every word well chosen

bright minds

Your own vocabulary can speak eloquently. Unlike software that applies artificial intelligence to make one-at-a-time suggestions, Articulate's bright minds aim first to comprehend your overall situation in context, then to incorporate words and concepts you already use effectively with your audience to facilitate authentic, effective communication.

clear communication

Articulate wordsmiths, working with subject-matter experts, aim to optimize outcomes for both the nominal communicator of the message and each intended recipient of that message. With expert judgment, Articulate wordsmiths recognize what's better left unsaid and how to ensure that readers and listeners receive and retain key messages.

truly tailored communications

Others offer off-the-shelf "content" from catalogues of already-written articles. Some customize already-written "content" at another price range. In contrast, Articulate wordsmiths create greater value by crafting unique documents focused on each client communicating effectively with their own audience: easy reading easily recognized as authentic; not to be found elsewhere under another name.

eloquent plain English

To satisfy both marketer and market, effective marketing communications must be clear, concise, correct, and compelling. Key messages must also be timely, targeted, poignant, and persuasive. Developing a sharp understanding of the situation, then using plain English with good judgment, an Articulate wordsmith can be a great ally to communicate a meaningful message to any audience effectively.

Articulate a custom shop

Custom wordcraft integrates good judgment about what not to say as well as good judgment about what must be said. Whether crafting original documents from original source material or rewriting provided drafts into reader-ready renditions, Articulate wordsmiths aim for effective communication between each client and their own readers.

from first draft to final cut-and-polish

Articulate Consultants provides:

  • writing that really speaks to readers
  • editing that enhances the good in any document
  • proofing that ensures freedom from embarrassing oversights
  • expert suggestions such as might not have entered your mind.

Articulate deliverables

  • reports
  • ad copy
  • newsletters
  • case studies
  • business plans
  • marketing plans
  • book manuscripts
  • blogs and web pages
  • scripts for broadcast ads
  • instructional and how-to manuals
  • informative and persuasive articles
  • various other important documents.

Need a speech writer or public-speaking coach? Articulate clients benefit from award-winning expertise in public speaking, too.

proven trustworthy

On every wordcraft project promotional or persuasive, instructional or informative Articulate wordsmiths aim to serve both the intended reader and the credited communicator of the message:

  • making complex ideas understandable
  • preserving the authenticity of sources' ideas
  • rearranging words, sentences, paragraphs, and sections to facilitate flow
  • excising or replacing needless words, sentences, paragraphs, or sections
  • ensuring consistently correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting.

not like the others — since 1996

How Articulate Consultants differ from others who make similar claims:

  • Articulate wordsmiths do not mess with the message. They focus on communicating it effectively to the intended audience.
  • Each member of Articulate's wordcraft team separately applies objective standards, using a proprietary 33-point editorial quality-assurance checklist to ensure reliably clear, effective communication.
  • The Articulate purchase agreement makes a contract of a two-and-a-half-draft document-development process at a cost fixed up-front and ensures that only satisfied clients pay.

expert wordsmiths ready to serve

An Articulate wordsmith writes or performs editorial cut-and-polish work only when he or she gets it. Articulate wordsmiths know how to help any readership get it. For clear, compelling communication in eloquently plain English, request a free discovery session. Click the link below.


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