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Ideal Client Profile: Business


size of business

  • micro (5 or fewer personnel, less than $2.5 million gross sales)
  • small to medium (5 to 1,000 staff, $2.5 to $50 million gross sales)


location of business

  • Canada – anywhere with telephone and internet service
  • USA – anywhere with telephone and internet service


nature of business

  • independent (stand-alone, self-governing)
  • business-to-consumer or business-to-business service-focused
  • more relationship-based (involving interaction, trust, and expertise) than simply transactional
  • in business at least 1 year
  • managed entrepreneurially



  • individual who owns the company (legally or morally) - maybe the founder, President, or CEO
  • individual who controls a major division of the company
  • some entrepreneurial instinct or temperament
  • concerned that the business is not fulfilling its potential, overall or in a specific area, but could better fulfil its potential with the help of an expert’s outside perspective, advice, and guidance
  • willing to be forthcoming with correct, complete, relevant information in focused discussions of business matters
  • willing to pay a consultant to get immersed in the business as necessary, through interviews of staff, suppliers, and customers and through other forms of research
  • willing to delegate tasks to people under his/her authority or influence and to allocate ad-hoc budgets at his/her discretion
  • willing to rethink fundamental business matters (e.g. customer experience, company focus and mission, product/service names, sources of value)
  • willing to designate one or more key personnel as a contact person to facilitate a consultant’s orientation to the business, as well as the consultant's project management efforts to implement a solution
  • willing to invest in making the business fulfil its potential and to give it enough time for success to come about
  • reliable to keep an agreement
  • pays promptly



Note: This is a profile of the ideal client, like the bullseye at the center of a target. Articulate Consultants will consider dealing with people of other descriptions, or other areas of the same target.

- Glenn R Harrington, Articulate Consultants Inc.


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