Article: Rebuild Your Consulting Business with Purpose

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Good people who do good work for good people.


Brilliant people do not perform all tasks with equal brilliance — particularly complex tasks best performed with expertise. Truly brilliant people understand and respect this. They augment their own intelligence with that of others more intelligent than themselves at particular tasks. As a group, Articulate's clientele exemplify this.

they seek different perspectives

In recent times, new Articulate clients approach the firm already having good presences on the web (good search-engine optimization, Facebook pages, etc.) and competent staff interacting with their markets. They already understand their problems. Yet, they need somebody else to provide critical analysis and alternative perspectives on marketing decisions. They seek to be asked questions that they do not already ask themselves. They seek new involvement in identifying and implementing better approaches to serving their markets.

they seek more efficient means

Articulate's clientele comprises mainly individual professionals and senior marketers. They generally feel that they have a good understanding of their marketing and client-retention needs. Yet, they feel the frustrations that often seem intrinsic to serving sometimes-fickle, often-demanding markets. They seek cost-effectiveness and simplicity.

they appreciate strategic alternatives

Clients of Articulate Consultants specifically for marketing and brand management expertise typically find it refreshing, affirming, and profitable to get involved in effective alternatives to accustomed marketing practices. They like improving their returns on marketing investments already in play while refreshing their client-retention efforts. They like that it improves bottom-line results not to do what everybody else does as anybody else would do it.

they extend their effectiveness

When the right people encounter a key message as meaningful, that can lead to new business. Successful people appreciate the value of expert assistance in such matters as discovering and authenticating a clear, compelling key message. They experience that value as increased effectiveness.

from big-picture strategy to tactical minutiae

Leadership-infused project management can coordinate the renewal of integrated marketing and brand-management efforts. Since 1996, Articulate's Principal Consultant, Glenn R Harrington, has proven reliably effective at translating good strategy into efficient follow-through, often through a blend of client resources and expertise Articulate provides.

wordcraft a specialty

Articulate's wordsmith services not only attract business people with marketing communications in mind, but also a variety of non-business clients who value Articulate's bright minds and clear communication. Articulate's editorial services are a core specialty for those who recognize the potential of well-crafted words within and outside of commercial contexts.

the right people take advantage

Articulate clients recognize the wisdom in consulting an expert archer before firing a single arrow at a target. Articulate Consultants work best with decisive individuals willing to engage in a process aimed at increased effectiveness. Click the link below to request a free discovery session.

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