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A Consultant Is As A Consultant Does (part two)

A Consultant Is As A Consultant Does (part two): Why

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In this video, Articulate's principal consultant, Glenn R Harrington, answers

the question, "What does a consultant do?" and the question, "Why?"


"Professional. More professional in manner and more conscientious about results than any consultant I know."

- TJ, Realtor, Victoria BC, Canada

"Totally consistent about maintaining high editorial standards all the time."

- SF, Graphic Designer, Toronto ON, Canada

"Definitely not the cheapest, but I can't imagine higher value."

- EF, Wilderness Guide, Carson City Nev, USA

"Now that I've experienced what Articulate does, I have no idea who would be their competition."

- DC, Investment Advisor, Regina SK, Canada

"Easy to do business with. A valuable ally."

- IS, Corporate Trainer, Los Angeles Calif, USA

"Perfect for people who need to think of a better way and need to do things differently."

- RP, Management Consultant, Victoria BC, Canada

"Those who follow Harrington's advice do well by it; likewise, those who avail themselves of Articulate wordsmith services."

- KF, Communications Strategist, Edmonton AB, Canada


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