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Get more good clients. Keep more good clients. Reduce the cost per sale.

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For an independent business to get more good clients, keep more good clients, and reduce the cost per sale, it must make the right promise to the right people in the right ways. Strategic marketing integrates with brand management at always keeping that promise.

address the right questions

Accurate answers to these questions are fundamental:

     Q: What is your company best known for?

     Q: Who bypasses your competitors to deal with you?

Articulate Consultants helps to get good answers to these questions, then to use the resulting key messages in integrated marketing and brand management to help attract more good business.

true key messages instrumental

To ensure that key messages are authentic and effective, it is essential to find out how the ideal client perceives your business: their perspective, their concepts.

let authenticity rule

Focusing on client-authenticated key messages informs better strategic decisions. The results include measurable increases in the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of marketing efforts.

validate the market's values

Propagating key messages intelligently – in advertising and in the actions of your personnel – can validate the expectations of current and past clients while positioning your company as a go-to source for others who seek that satisfaction.

lower costs = higher profits

It generally takes multiple contacts over time to foster the first transaction that cements a new business relationship. These factor into cost per sale and affect net profits.

The most reliable sources of low-cost sales are:

  • more business per client.

  • qualified referrals from customers and suppliers.

  • client relationships that last (high loyalty, low attrition).

Articulate Consultants can help to attract more profitable business in these ways.

integrate marketing with brand management

While marketing encompasses everything that connects service providers and product manufacturers to their final consumers, good marketing fosters brand attractiveness so that people bypass competitors to go to you.

regardless of company size or age...

From well-established companies to newly self-employed individuals, successful marketing is in the long term brand-focused. Integrated marketing and brand management wholistically consider the whole enterprise, aiming to ensure a consistent, appropriate experience of the brand at every touch point.

name the problems you solve

Your market needs you to claim credibly what you can do for them in terms of the problems you solve. When new customers respond by going to you, your brand must then provide a positive experience reliably. Mutually-beneficial repeat business may then follow.

clear comprehension + astute articulation for reliable results

Articulate marketing consultants gather and integrate real market intelligence into effective sales-support and customer-retention strategies to help increase brand distinction in the perception of the target market and to increase net profit.

start taking advantage

Since 1996, independent businesses in Canada and the USA have turned to Articulate Consultants for unbiased marketing expertise. To experience bright minds and clear communication focused on improving your marketing performance, Articulate Consultants. Click the link below to book a free discovery session.


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